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RuanWenPai One-stop Marketing Platform

Provide "effective" Internet brand marketing service for you!

Increase the brand credibility of products

No brand awareness, can not build credibility!

No brand




Blind promotion, but no access and conversion rate!



Repeated positioning of your own products, no way to go!

Do not



Spending a lot of money to promote, but there is no effective effect!

Let you save more than 50% of the promotion cost!

Medium Of Communication Hard!Release Soft Text Fast!Included More!

Daily average more than 3000 pieces, focus on so efficient, channel full network coverage!!

Three models of innovation and cooperation to solve your needs

Brand planning services

Based on the product and brand as the core, we should comprehensively adjust the planning activities of business and market operation, including brand planning, product planning, network public relations and so on, and are responsible for the implementation of landing.

Brand whole course

consultant service

According to the characteristics of product definition of service content, from the elite team oriented design and planning, and implementation guidance to the enterprise staff.

Brand annual

operation service

According to the time and category of service content, based on the year, the project team is set up to provide comprehensive agency service for the enterprise.

"Omni-directional" marketing services, enhance the credibility of enterprises,
effectively reduce the cost of promotion !

Release the news

The national portal website
Industry portal website

Local portal website

Self media promotion

Generation of operation
Star forwarding

Fans growth

Advertising design

Generation of operation
Star forwarding

Fans growth

Aoftware development

Web site /APP development
WeChat development
H5 custom development


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