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RuanWenPai One-stop Marketing Platform


RuanWenPai has made all efforts to create a new brand credibility for you!

RuanWenPai aims to help customers achieve business goals through brand building through the Internet as a medium.

Enhance your core competitiveness and reduce costs to create higher benefits.

RuanWenPai service covers the release of soft text, the writing of articles, micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing,

Video platform advertising, newspaper and magazine, forum post bar, network public relations, micro business city / small program development, web development and other Internet services,

RuanWenPai platform is the sole agent for the news media resources of a hundred mainstream comprehensive portals.

The one hand news channel with 8000 local portal forums is up to more than 3000 daily average business.

As of now, RuanWenPai has provided marketing services for thousands of business customers.

Which contains a number of well-known enterprises (Yixing plastic, peer-to-peer lending, green healthy milk, soy milk, melt 360, Shanghai Jun Wang), state-owned enterprises (XCMG, Dalian tourism etc.).

RuanWenPai faction has hundreds of professional Internet marketing experts, which can provide you with the first class Internet marketing service.

RuanWenPai has a formal and perfect Internet transaction process, and all Internet services are signed in a formal contract (notarization is notarized).

With regular invoice / VAT invoice, comprehensive legal guarantee and perfect transaction process, you can avoid worrying about it!

Vision:To Infinity And Beyond

Mission: save more than 50% promotion costs for customers

Values: responsibility, sincerity, trust, team, cooperation, learning

The core of the culture, and the same solution: see law and initiates, and no more, and, with profits and share,

"Body and the same" - "six and" culture

Practical point of view: good promotion with "heart", "mouth" ask, "brain" think, use "hand" to write

The point of view: change one angle, change a world

The team of soft writersbegan to form, and the 5 elite from all over the world gathered together for common ideals and set up bass light year network studio, and started the journey of the star sea. This is the predecessor of the soft text platform.

After 3 years of development, bass light year Network Technology Co., Ltd. has been formally established. From the first 5 people to a team of 108 people, a large business team in the Shanghai gold business district, the Pudong New Area erafinancial center.
The soft pie grow into a comprehensive service platform covering news publishing, exclusive resources has 8000 local portal forum, the average daily traffic volume reached more than 3000, lay one industry leading position.

As of now, the soft faction has thousands of enterprise customers to provide marketing services, including a number of well-known enterprises , state-owned enterprises (XCMG, Dalian tourism etc.).

Management Team

The main founders are from the top executives of well-known enterprises.

We know the development characteristics of Chinese enterprises and the needs of the users.

Over the past 5 years with more than 1000 enterprises,

Grow together!

We are responsible for ourselves, more responsible for our customers!

Chief executive CEO
10 years' experience in Internet operation
The post of operation director of a number of well-known enterprises
Providing strategic brand planning and consulting for many well-known enterprises

Chief technology officer CTO

12 years of software development experience

Profound research and rich experience on development of software requirements for growth and start-up enterprises

Chief financial officer CFO

15 years of financial experience
A number of foreign financial manager
Responsible for the financial operation of the whole group

Chief executive CAO

8 years of administrative experience
Responsible for the design of human resources, administrative management and rules and regulations of the whole group


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